Saturday, May 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The arrival didn't happened as planned....the plane had a problem so Dan decided to drive home. They arrived at 4:00 pm exhausted, but still upbeat. They had been traveling for over 22 hours. Dan said Quinn did great on the return flight and the car ride home.

She is sweet natured and a happy- happy little girl. It just is shocking to see how little she is....really like a 9-12 month. I was thinking 12-15 months, but she is so much smaller. Many of you know how small Wren is - Quinn is about 2/3's the size of Wren. They are 11 months apart! Wren has really grown up in our eyes. Quinn's hands and feet are like the size of an infant. Katie, Jake and Kara's feet were bigger than Quinn's at birth. We have lots of doctor appointments ahead. We have scheduled her to be evaluated by a developmental specialist, going to the pediatrition and plastic surgeon regarding her misshapen head. It may be to late for her to wear a helmet to reshape her head but we are going to look into it.

She has a bright personality and is alert and active. We know that God has sent us this child to love and nuture and help shape her into the women He will use for His purposes. To us that is exciting! So we would ask you to continue to pray for little Quinn....that she can get strong phyically and mentally that she can catch up. One thing that is very clear that she says is "High Five" Isn't that funny?

Thank you for following the journey to bringing Quinn home. Katie and Kara did great and so did daddy. Dan is struggling with jet lag more than the girls. Quinn has a bad cold now and is having some sleep issues....basically keeping us up!
Overall, we feel so blessed and look forward to what the future brings....

With grateful hearts,
The Helliges