Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Day in Nanning

Hi everyone!

It has been another eventful day in Nanning -- at least half of the day! It was so good to talk to everybody this morning as we talked to Mom, Wren, Grandma & Grandpa Wade, aunt Deed. I talked to Beth and her family, and Pidge talked to a houseboat full at the Shouse House. Quinn got to meet several people this AM for the first time. Skype is such a beautiful thing! 

After a quick breakfast we went to a "mountain" outside of Nanning called Qingxiu Mountain. They take you to the top in a modified golf cart for less than a buck a person. We saw some of the beautiful pagodas and gardens. Quinn loved being pushed in the stroller, especially when daddy would let the stroller go down the hill kind of fast! There was a lot of laughter from that little angel this morning! We met a very funny chinese man who told us that we were from America and that he was China.He told us we were all so tall, but that chinese men were short! After that we went back to Walmart to pick up some more of Quinn's favorite juice (it is called sour milk, Yuck!) and to get her a little sun hat, which she is not to fond of! We then headed to McDonalds to get some lunch. We found out that Quinn is not a big fan of french fries, or corn for that matter. Which is so crazy since those are some of Wren's favorite foods! Over in China, at McDonalds, they serve corn as part of their menu, something that you don't see in the states! Quinn is still napping, but will be waking up soon. Kara did one whole chapter of homework and then moaned how bored she is. The afternoon has been very "relaxing". Who knows what tonight will hold. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


The Helliges


  1. you know kara that you could work ahead on your schoolwork and then you wouldn't be so bored!! teehee!!!!
    it looks like cookie is fitting right she's been with you forever. counting down the days til we get to give her a big squeeze. love you all!

  2. We are so happy for all of you. You look like you were made for each other...oh wait, I think perhaps this was in God's plans all along :) The Eubank's

  3. I have to tell you how much fun it was to introduce Luke to Quinn via Skype! He kept sticking his face in the camera when everyone else wanted to talk! Sorry Kara! But the best was when we said this morning, "Did you talk to Quinn last night?" He made the kissy noise with his mouth! Remembering that they kissed each other through the screen. Crack me up! Everything you saw Wednesday was really beautiful. I love the buildings!
    God Bless, Missy