Thursday, April 23, 2009

Last Day in Nanning (but who is counting?!)

Hi Everyone!

Today is our last day here in Nanning, China! We can't wait to get to Guangzhou and the White Swan Hotel. This morning when we woke up, it was kind of rainy outside and very humid!  We headed down to breakfast, (our last day of canned peaches and toast!) and then went out to the People's Parks which is a 5 minute walk behind our hotel. It is a very beautiful and large park. When we first entered we walked by a group of people who were singing together. Dad got some good video of it, as it sounded to us like Mom & Kara doing their opera thing!


The Helliges in China


  1. This morning as I sip on my coffee you are unpacking and getting settled! We know how good the breakfast buffet is at the White Swan so hopefully no more canned peaches! The French toast and fresh fruit! Cole liked the dragon fruit. White with little black seeds in it. Mmmmmmm! Every picture I see of Quinn just melts me. She looks so great! Enjoy the pool, water fall, shops, river view and FOOD!
    Girls get a manicure!

  2. im in nanning china right now. plz contact me