Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hong Kong!!

Well, we spent our first day in HK, and it was a great one! (Although the night was a short one -- about 5 hours of sleep and we were wide awake!) After getting ready, and skyping Janet, Jake and Wren, we started off walking through downtown to get Quinn's return ticket. When we got to the travel agent they had to make some changes to the ticket and told us it would be 30 mins. We spotted a nice park on the way, (think small Central Park), so went for a stroll while we waited. Here are the girls with the flamingos in the park. We then headed back to get Quinn's ticket. The offices for the airline are in the huge 6 story shopping mall, so of course we meandered through a few of the small shops before going to get the ticket. After retrieving Quinn's ticket we wandered back to the hotel for a break and lunch. For lunch, we opted for the oh so foreign McDonalds. Nothing like a good cheese burger and french fries! Of course Kara had to get on Skype with all her friends back home, which took awhile.

We decided that we would head over to Victoria Peak and take the tram up to the top. We are staying in Kowloon, so we took the subway across to HK island. After an uphill hike we found the tram station -- and believe it or not we found Jackie Chan there! I just couldn't get him to look at the camera though. Unfortunately it was a very cloudy misty day up top so the view wasn't much. We wandered around before making the trip back down to the hotel -- where we crashed. The girls slept for a good two+ hours and I had  a hard time getting Pidge up -- KT wasn't too pleased with me bouncing on her bed either as I tried to wake her.

We decided to get some dinner but once outside it was raining and none of us had much energy - back to the room for glorious room service! It was great to see Janet and Wren on Skype as they were getting up this AM. I can tell Skype will be a great tool for us on this trip as we will be able to stay in touch with our other half.

Well its time to get ready to climb back in bed soon -- hopefully for a full night sleepzzzzzzzz


The Helliges. 


  1. helloooo hellige's!!! love to hear all that you crazy kids are doing. so far so great!!!! dan...saw janet at the auction! that girl can bid with the best of them. teehee! we love you all, and can't wait to skype with "cookie"!!!

  2. It's Sunday morning for us...which means Sunday night for you all and tomorrow morning you are meeting Quinn! I'm praying without ceasing for your time! Heavy Sigh!!!!!!! Can't wait!

  3. WHAT GREAT MEMS WITH YOUR DAD....PRECIOUS! I am so excited to wake up tomorrow and see little Quinn in your arms. We are praying for you...What a day!!!! Can't wait!