Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yet Another Day in Nanning.....

Well today was a rainy day here in Nanning without much to do. We had breakfast next to a family from Sydney. They were here taking their 6 year old daughter back to her roots - it was good to to have another Westerner to talk to. Afterwards we want shopping down at the Wanda Plaza -- Walmart, a Department store and several small stores -- primarily electronic stores and Addidas. Mark --here is a picture for you --lots of Cat Footwear in the department store. We tried to take a picture for Uncle Ned of the Snoopy shop in the Department Store but they quickly came after me to put my camera away. We settled on buying him Snoopy potato chips instead at the Wal Mart.

Really didn't do anything all afternoon. I got some work done and the girls did their homework -- notice how Kara does her homework! I also got everything packed down -- really I am not that anxious to get out of here. We had met a family from Pennsylvania on gotcha day (think I mentioned earlier) and gave them our hotel card. They called today so we had dinner with them tonight. Again, good to sit with another Western family and we enjoyed getting to know them. Already set up plans to go to church with them this Sunday at Shamian Christ Church next to the Swan. 

Well just put Quinn to bed and getting ready ourselves. We'll write about our exciting day tomorrow -- more rain so we'll probably be just chillin waiting for the flight.


The Helliges in China 

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  1. hello all!!! love seeing the pictures. kare bear...don't even come back here and tell us how tired you are! i'm sure your homework was already all done!!!!! love the pic of katie and cookie. precious!!!!!!!!!! glad to hear you are on the backside of your journey. white you come!!!!!!!!!!