Monday, April 27, 2009

Barn Day

When you take a horse out on a trail ride, they can smell the barn about 1/2 mile away, and they want to make a break for it. The rider has to do all they can to keep the horse on the path. That is what this day is like for us. We have made the turn and we can smell the barn and want to make a break for home. Its taking everything we have to stay the course and finish -- but the finish line is close!

It has been another beautiful, but overcast day here in Guangzhou. (actually it has been rainy or cloudy every day in Guangzhou -- need some full sun!) Once again, we head down to the breakfast buffet at the Swan-Dad loves their full breakfast! Kara and myself stick to chocolate cake, french toast, fruit & OJ! After breakfast, we went back out shopping, our favorite past time, and then returned to the hotel so that we could take Quinn swimming for the first time. She loves splashing in the water! Was a bit cold in the water to really take her in, but she seems to be a little water bug! (yes Mom, Dad is making us where our sunscreen)

After Swimming, we came up and had some lunch, and put Quinn down for her nap. Dad went out to do some power shopping while Kara "tried" to do homework. When Dad got back, Kara and Suntan Dan headed down to the pool for some layout time while Katie stayed up in the room to get some homework done. After Quinn's nap, we headed to our favorite spot for dinner, Lucy's. A round of sweet and sour chicken for all -- except lil Quinn -- another delicious bowl of congee for her! 

While shopping and laying by the pool sounds lux, it is starting to get old. We can't wait to get home in a few short days to see everyone!

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers,

The Helliges in China

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  1. When do you all get home? I know you are ready! We are anxious to see Quinn. Whenever we say her name Luke smacks his lips! I guess remembering the computer screen kiss. So funny.
    Praying for safe travels.
    The Nicholsons