Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Swan ....Awwwwwww!

We made it to Guangzhou! Quinn did great on the plane other than she wanted to grab everything around her including the reading material of the lady in the window seat. Fortunately she was very kind and played along. While waiting to leave Nanning everyone around us wanted to come over and hold her. Made Katie a bit nervous, but it was all in good fun. Lots of laughter with everyone. Babe I am so sorry -- the girls fell down on their job and didn't get any pics of Quinn on her first plane trip - I wonder why I brought them along - can't even do a simple job?!

We arrived late into the hotel, about 11:30PM and Quinn was in no mood for going to sleep. She wanted to hang out and play with everything in the room. We finally let her cry herself to sleep around midnight when we all crashed. The girls slept in while Shinko and I took Quinn for her routine medical exam. As you can see by the pics she wasn't ant too happy. 17.3 lbs and 75CM -- just a peanut. 

Came back to find the girls all ready to go. They enjoyed  a great breakfast with fresh squeezed OJ -- something they have been missing all week. Off to the shops. we showed KT the ropes and went back to all of Janet's favorite haunts. Most of them are still around. I showed them how to bargain on a few things to a point where I think I embarrassed them. We were stopped by many people wanting to talk to us and these two ladies wanted their picture take with the girls. Back to the room for a break while I got my haircut. I look a bit Chinese, but not bad for $12. 

Then the first solo (duet) shopping trip for the girls. I gave them the math and the percentages to pay off of asking price, and off they went while I put Quinn down for her nap. They came back arms loaded -- not bad on negotiations, but I see that I will need to go with them to hone their skills.

Tonight we are heading to Lucy's for dinner, and probably more shopping -- Mom gave the girls a big list. I can already tell I am going to have to purchase another piece of luggage! 

We are looking forward to tomorrow as we'll go to this neat little church right next door. They do the service in both Mandarin and English. We are going to meet our friends from PN there. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.

Well enough for now, the big American Grilled Cheese sandwich is calling the girls.


The Helliges in China

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  1. Come on girls....get the bargening down !! The pool there at the White Swan is great...there is the one you walk into first and then a second one around the trail from it! Be sure to check them out...Ruthi