Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Official Adoption Day!!

Hey Everyone,

Today is the official adoption day! Quinn is now officially a Hellige! This morning we (we being Dad) signed the papers and got all of the papers notarized! After that, our day was fairly uneventful. We came back to the room and Dad attempted to make us lunch. It is kind of hard to make easy mac and chicken noodle soup without a microwave. Never the less, The Mac and Cheese mush was made. The soup didn't fair so well on the other hand....more peanut butter and granola! 

After  lunch, we headed out to explore. We tried to find the park, but that didn't happen. We ended up walking around the local stores and taking in the local culture. We then came back to the hotel to lay Quinn down for a nap, which Kara and I managed as well. We promise Mom -- we will get our homework done -- it won't all be about napping and playing with Quinn. Suntan Dan was down at the pool for a while trying to take a nap while the girls hung out (code word for sleeping) in room for a little while. 

Quinn just woke up after a three hour nap and now we are just hanging out in the room listening to Quinn belch -- which she does quite well -- just like big brother! We are trying to make the heavy decision of dinner tonight at the Garden restaurant here at the hotel, or   venturing out to walmart and the shopping district, with the grand finale ending at pizza hut later tonight. Wow! Its exciting here.

We did meet a nice family from Pennsylvania today, and Dad invited them to dinner some night if they are interested. The have two boys, 10 & 13, and adopted a little 3 year old girl. It would be nice to meet up with another American family and share our stories.

Thanks for your continued prayers.


The Helliges


  1. Well it sounds like Quinn is going to fit right in...a three hour nap! I'm cracking up about the belching. Is it on purpose, like she's being funny? I love that. I know the days get long, but enjoy the fact that all you have to do is rest. (maybe a little homework!)

  2. Congratulations!! She is just beautiful. The wait has been long for you, but oh what a wonderful reward God has given your family. I look forward to meeting Quinn in the near future.
    Enjoy your time in China. Do lots of shopping Janet. The purses are fun to bargin for, so I hear from Ruthi.

  3. woohoo!!!!! another punkin hellige! can't wait to hear who wins the chair-ball game! cookie is precious and i think a little fiesty!!!!!!! keep up the headbands girls! love you all!!!!