Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hong Kong to Nanning

Hey Everyone!

Sorry that there was no post yesterday. It was a little hectic at the end! We started of just relaxing as we were struggling with jet lag. We woke up between 5:30 - 6:30 and got ready like we were going to go somewhere .... only to crash again until around 10:30. We forced ourselves to get out and strolled along the waterfront and took in the HK skyline. Monday night is their version of the Oscars and they were setting up an elaborate stage setting next to the cultural center. Checked out at 1:00 and sat in the restaurant for a long lunch and the girls did homework while I did some work. 

We got out to the airport 90 minutes before we were to meet Shinko our guide, so we sat and did more work at the coffee shop. Shinko is very nice and very organized -- I know she will do a great job guiding us through the process. Our flight was supposed to be at 6:50 PM but was delayed until 11:50PM. Fortunately they gave us a room at the airport hotel and the girls crashed from 6:30-10:30. We finally took off around 12:30 AM. While sitting on the cramped plane it hit me -- the odor of the plane took me back to my childhood. It smelled like my Grandpa's old 1960 something Rambler -- a mixture of slightly greasy workwear (Dickies), mixed with chewing tobacco, unfiltered Camels and of course the car didn't have AC, so a little bit of sweat! For a fleeting moment it was a pleasant rush back, but in the end, I was glad it was only an hour flight! By the time we got to through documentation, luggage retrieval, 35 min cab ride, we finally arrived at the hotel and crashed.

Monday is the big day and we will have pics and a more details.

Love the Helliges 

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