Friday, April 3, 2009


Hello everyone! My name is Qin Qiu Yu from Guilin, China. I am two and half years old and waiting for my forever family. I have been told that they will be leaving on April 16th to come and get me -- my dad, and two older sisters. I understand that they will fly into Hong Kong via Tokyo, and then onto Nanning, the capital of Guangxi province on April 19th. We'll meet up for the first time the next day on Monday the 20th.

Here is what I would like you to pray about. 1) That their trip goes smoothly without any flight delays and that they have peace about the trip 2) That I will feel content when I first meet them. 3) That all the adoption stuff will go smoothly. 4) That dad can put up with my sisters, or should I say keep up - I hear they have big shopping plans. 5)Lastly pray for my forever mom, my sister Wren, and my big brother Jake -- I know it will be hard on them being a part from the rest of the family -- trust me, I know from experience.

I look forward to getting home to that town with a funny name -- Peoria, and meeting all of you. I hear we have great family and friends waiting to meet me. Once Dad and the girls leave, I will start posting daily comments to keep you informed. I hope you post a few comments so we can start getting to know each other. Keep me and my forever family in your prayers, asking God's hand and favor on the upcoming trip and adoption. See you soon.


Qin Qui Yu

PS -- you pronounce it "chin tree ee". Since that is kind of hard to say, they tell me that my name will be Quinn Autumn (My Chinese name means Autumn rain -- I hear Mom is kind of sentimental like that!

PSS -- Wren -- I hope you have our room all ready -- I hear its pretty cool! Ready or not family here I come. Love your little sis -- QAH


  1. YAY!!!So thankful to hear that the dates have been set! We will be praying that all goes smoothly!

  2. o my word! your precious "cookie" is coming home. we can't wait! we are praying for her, dan and the girls and you punkin helliges left back here to wait! we love you all!!!!

  3. Quinn, I'm waiting for you to come and play! I look at your picture on my fridge everyday. Hurry and get here. I will have my mom read this blog to me everyday while we wait for you!
    Love you! Luke!

  4. Hi! Ruthi Coats here...your teacher of "buying and bargaining" e me at any time of the day or night at and I will help ya all I can! Have a save and blessed trip. Ruthi

  5. Dan - I am praying for safe travel and for a fantastic gotcha day. I am so jealous that you get to spend the next two weeks in China, and bring home your 4th princess. Have a great trip, we will be praying and watching.

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    I hope so..

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